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Mettler Toledo PCE Track & Trace

As the leading expert in Track & Trace solutions, Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH (PCE) can draw on over 25 years' experience of supplying intelligent optical control systems for maximum process reliability.

Mettler-Toledo PCE provides intelligent solutions for seamless traceability in the product packaging industry. Trusted partner to ensure regulatory compliance for more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. PCE has over 600 installed lines for French coding and serialization across 4 continents.
The XMV TE system is an advanced inspection solution which integrates three processes into one compact system; combining printing and vision verification with secure, tamper-evident sealing to ensure global traceability and assist in fraud protection.
The coded information printed on the cartons is verified for accuracy and legibility and serves as a key for legally required quality certificates. Products are serialized and sealed with highest accuracy even at maximum throughput rates.
  • Compliance with EU delegated act 2011/62/EU and EN 16679
  • Intelligent, GMP-compliant design
  • Increased process safety consumer and brand protection

Flexibility in large-area text checks

The Label Serialization Station (LSS) is ideal for checking various data on both serially produced and non-serially produced labels. 
The serialized labels are automatically printed, the entire area is inspected by a high resolution camera and imperfect labels are automatically rejected from the label tape via an electrically driven rejection unit. 
Ultrasonic fork sensor systems perform counter-checking to ensure defective labels are removed.

4-in-1 Solution marking, verification, sealing and checkweighing

The XS2 MV TE is a high quality solution to meet the demanding requirements of today's pharmaceutical packaging environment and provides a best-of-breed platform for item serialisation requirements. 
The XS2 MV TE combines proven item marking, PCE vision inspection, and Garvens check-weighing into a flexible solution. The machine is engineered to ensure legibility of printed codes and weighing accuracy while maintaining maximum packaging line throughput.

Software – Line Manager and Site Manger

Real-Time Production Monitoring.

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MT-PCE Professional Project Services (PPS)

  • Program Management (PGM) 
  • Project Management (PM)
  • Project Engineering (PE)
  • Track & Trace PM & PGM
  • Structure Workshops
  • Track & Trace Governance Surveys
  • Training & Coaching


Global Expertise & Regional Support

20 Years of servicing the needs of the global Hi-Tech sector

Maximises Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Comprehensive After Sales Service Packages

Briefing & Industry Solution Sheets

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