As a company we are driven by achievement; for the lines of business that we represent and the personal goals that we set ourselves. Our pedigree is judged by the promises that we make, the product lines that we represent and the people we employ.
Our success is based on always achieving more than we set out to do, both personally and professionally, and our best efforts are simply the starting point for everything we do.
Jack Daly
Managing Director

Management Team

About Jack

Jack is responsible for the day to day operation of the company. He is the driving force within the company, and the architect of its continuing success and expanding market share.

Jack Daly
Managing Director

About Roy

Widely regarded for his business acumen, he has successfully managed the financial well being of the company for the last twenty-one years. Roy's continuing prudent fiscal management has underpinned the stability and financial success of the company.

Roy O'Hanlon
Finance Director

About David

David O’Hanlon is one of the two founding Directors of IPT, having founded the company in 1976 with brother Roy. David is very experienced in the distribution business and has been instrumental in the continuing development of IPT over the last thirty years.

David O'Hanlon


Donal has over 30 years’ experience in the Hi volume Manufacturing sector. He has almost 15 years exposure working with Inspection and Automation in the Life Science sector in various management roles. 

Donal Harrington
Life Science Director


Global Expertise & Regional Support

20 Years of servicing the needs of the global Hi-Tech sector

Maximises Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Comprehensive After Sales Service Packages

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